The Farm

Donna and her husband, Larry, moved to Berks County in May, 2002. Anxious to start farming, Donna decided to buy two Nubian goats. Soon, Mini Nubians joined the group and this breed turned out to be the right fit for the farm. The farm is now home to approximately 20 goats as well as one big red Quarter Horse, chickens, koi, rescue dogs and house cats.

Larry passed away in 2011 from Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, much to the sadness of Donna and the many other people who knew and loved him. But a few years later he sent Donna a wonderful gentleman by the name of Guy, who had lost his wife to cancer around the same time. Together, Donna and Guy continue to maintain the farm, raising the animals and expanding the pastures, while diving headfirst into soap-making and good food adventures.

Spotted Hill Farm hosts two big events almost every year: the Barn Sale/Berks County Best Kept Secrets Tour in June and the Barn Sale on THanksgiving weekend in November. The public is invited to visit on these weekends and learn about the animals and life on a farm.

The farm is located between Pottstown and Boyertown.