The Soap

Our soaps are handcrafted from the highest quality vegetable oils; each batch is unique. Because the natural glycerin remains, they are incredibly moisturizing. Our bar soaps will last at least twice as long as commercial soaps as long as they are kept in a well-drained soap dish that allows good airflow. All of our products are pthalate- and sulfate-free.

We NEVER test our products on animals, only on willing family and friends!


Babassu Oil – Used in some of our soaps, it originates in Brazil. It is a wonderful oil for the skin, leaving it soft and lustrous.

Beeswax – Used in soaps to help them last longer and in our lip balm to solidify liquid oils.

Castor oil – A good conditioner and emollient. Natural antibacterial and antifungal.

Cocoa Butter – Natural occurring fat of the cacao beans, where we get our addictive chocolate! It is gentle and readily absorbed by the skin.
We use only the unrefined as the refining process tends to remove too many good things.

Coconut Oil – This mild oil helps skin retain moisture and has good cleansing properties. It also contributes to good lather, a must in good soap!

Emulsifying Wax – We use E-wax in our lotions to insure a bond between the water and oil. It is plant based.

Essential Oils – Extracted from botanical ingredients, these oils bring not only lovely fragrance to our products but often help with healing properties as well. We use the highest quality essential oils.

Flax Seed Oil – Rich in omega 3 essential fatty acids and is known to soften and heal skin abrasions. Wonderful for all skin, especially
mature skin.

Fragrance Oils – Generally made from a combination of essential oils and synthetic aromatic compounds that lend an authentic fragrance to our products. The fragrance oils used by Spotted Hill Farm are of the highest quality and are skin safe.

Mango Butter – Natural emollient, wound healer and regenerative. Dermatologists often recommend mango butter for treatment of wrinkles.

Olive Oil – Superior penetrating ability and is rich in vitamins and minerals. Offers excellent moisturizing!

Palm Kernel – Commonly used in expensive luxury soaps, Palm kernel oil makes a nice hard bar with wonderful lather.

Palm Oil – Creates a mild, long lasting bar of soap that cleanses well. We use organic, sustainably-grown and harvested palm oil in our soaps.

Polysorbate 20 – Widely used emulsifier, derived from lauric acid which originates in coconut oil.

Rice Bran Oil – Pressed from the outer hull of the rice grain, moisturizing and rich in gamma oryzanol.

Shea Butter – Rich in Vitamins A and E, shea butter heals, soothes, and protects skin from environmental damage, yet is safe for even the most sensitive skin. We use only unrefined Fair Trade shea butter imported from Ghana.

Stearic Acid – A naturally occurring waxy fatty acid that is emollient and softens skin.

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