Birchrun Hills Farm – Terrific artisan-crafted raw milk cheeses and grass-fed beef by our friends, the Millers. Best blue cheese EVER!

Amazing Acres Goat Dairy – The best goat cheese ever! (Made with the help of some wonderful Nubian goats.)

Bauder Farms – Deb and Tom grow delicious vegetables using natural and organic practices on their family farm.

Wholesome Dairy Farms – Raw milk and cheese from happy, healthy, grass-fed cows.

Backyard Bison – Rod Wieder, AKA Bison Dude, has some delicious bison! Drug free and low in fat.

Hinterhof Farm– Aaron Derr, our bee mentor, produces certified All Natural Honey locally!

Kaizen Farms– Ben and Cass Masemore make the most delicious beef! Buy ground beef or cuts or quarter or half of the whole cow!