About Spotted Hill Farm and Donna and Guy

donna and guy smiling

Donna and Guy got together some years ago after they each lost a spouse to cancer. We learned they had a love of country living and animals and decided to boost the farm business! We added Yoga with Our Baby Goats to the picture and these days, are kept very busy running the farm and events here! We are not known for sitting around eating bonbons! 

Donna and Guy LOVE sharing their little piece of paradise with visitors! Please set up a time to visit as we are not able to accommodate unscheduled visits. A big part of our mission is to support local nonprofits, with Green-Allies.org and TheChopperFoundation.org being two of their favorites. Being big believers in giving back, they are happy to support the goals of these groups!

Spotted Hill Farm celebrated 20 years in 2022! We currently host our goat yoga events, mostly in May and June, when the baby goats are at their cutest! We also host our annual Holiday Barn Sale on Thanksgiving weekend selling farm and artisan goods and wine!